Text the TV - 88789 (60p+std rate msg/text)
Private Box - 88456 (£1.20+std rate msg/text)

Easy start guide

1) To join Rabbit: Text your date of birth (dd.mm.yy) to 88456 You will be allocated a unique mailbox number (free)

2) How to text the TV: Text your message to 88789 (60p/50carrots)

3) How to text a private message: Send mailbox number of person you want to receive message (space) and your message to 88456 (£1.20/100carrots)

4) How to send MMS (photo) message: Send your MMS to 07860 007 789. You may include a brief profile of yourself with your photo.

Standard network charges (10/12p) apply to all messages.